4/6/05: Too busy to get anything done

Editing hours: 34.9 | Since last entry: 0.0 | Percent complete: 62% It’s been a week since my last post here. I spent the weekend doing many useful things, including clearing three boxes of clothes and shoes out of my closet (part of my new year’s resolution) and putting knobs on the china cabinet (something that has needed doing for, oh, twelve years or so). Monday I had a planning meeting all day at work, and Monday evening we had a first meeting for a neighborhood SF reading group (it looks like it’s going to fly, and we’re reading All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories to start off, with The Year of Our War to follow). Tuesday I went to the CHI 2005 conference, an international conference on Computer-Human Interaction which just happens to be held here in Portland this year, and Tuesday evening there was Japanese class (but it’s going to be cancelled after next week unless we can scare up 4 more students). Today, Wednesday, was the second day of the CHI conference. So why do I feel like I’m not getting anything done? I really feel awful about the fact I haven’t done any editing, have only been to the gym once in the last two weeks, and have been eating badly. I also don’t feel I’m making the most productive use of the conference. Somehow no matter what papers I choose to attend I wind up wishing I’d picked something else. I know I’m not being fair to myself, but knowing this doesn’t help. I had three options for tonight: attend the evening conference receptions (with free cocktails from Yahoo and Google), stay home and work on my novel, or go to the gym. What I wound up doing was watching Lost and West Wing with my sweetie while eating macaroni and cheese in front of the TV. Mind you, it was the best damn macaroni and cheese on the planet, hand-made from a recipe in Gourmet magazine with fine imported cheeses and Dijon mustard. But it wasn’t exactly healthy. I think I needed a rest.

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