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6/16/05: Bleah

Spent the evening working on the outline for my second novel, working title Gaia’s Blood. 2000 words of outline so far and I’m still in the opening chapters; I need to make things happen faster. Still no definite word from the editor on the first novel, but I’ve already been rejected by two agents so far. Bleah. I’ve been working very hard for the past few days at work, productive and useful stuff but not leaving a lot of energy for anything else. Also, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I’ve moved from my old cube to a new “bullpen” with two other people, both UI designers. I was a little worried about lack of privacy, but the space is large enough that it hasn’t been an issue so far, and it’s nice to have other people to bounce ideas off of. We’ve equipped the area with furniture from ScanDesign, lots of design magazines, and fun stuff like a giant inflatable T.Rex. We also have a lot of windows, which is great but I hope it will not be a problem when it starts to get sunny. Not that we’ve had any sun lately — it was cool, gray, and drippy today, as it has been most days for weeks. Some of my East Coast and Midwest friends are complaining about the heat, but at the moment I wouldn’t mind seeing some of that. I wore my leather jacket and hat to work again today. In June. Feh.