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6/20/05: Oh, now I get it

As faithful readers will no doubt recall, I picked up an iPod along with my new iBook. Well, it sat in the box for a while, but I got it up and running a couple of weeks ago… a nice UI, to be sure, but really not much different than a portable CD player. But I plugged away, loading up five or six CDs per evening, until I now have about two days of music on there (only about 1/8th of its capacity), and this evening I hooked up the little thingie so it can play through the nearest radio… …and now I get it. It’s Radio My Favorite Songs All The Time, and
every day’s a no-repeat day with no commercials. A guy could get used to this. On the writing front… the synopsis for Gaia’s Blood is up to about 3500 words and the plot is actually moving now… maybe too fast. I’ll probably have to rejigger it to smoosh the exposition around before I send it anywhere.