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1/6/06: Keeping my oar in

Word count: 2766 | Since last entry: 110

I neglected to mention yesterday that I got an update from the editor on my novel. He says that he liked the revisions and has passed my revised manuscript along to the publisher with his strong endorsement. Now we both get to wait for the publisher’s decision. Breath held, fingers crossed, etc.

Went to a square dance tonight, for the first time in many months. We missed the opening hour of C-2 (a level which Kate dances but I don’t, so I can do some writing while she dances) due to bad luck with dinner. We went to a local Mexican joint for a quick burrito and wound up waiting while the cashier told stories of his first job to the people in line ahead of us. Eventually we simply bailed, and went to a nearby Japanese place, where our dinner took a lot longer to arrive than it usually does. Grr all around.

So I didn’t do much writing during the dance, and when I got home I wrote the bare minimum to make my 100 words for the day. More tomorrow.

A snippet: “But while those of us who had invested early in the Project grew wealthy, poor Jupiter wasted away. His weather systems disrupted by the constant sucking of the Funnels, old Jove shrank from a proud banded beauty to a muddy, muddled yellow-brown gasball, and even his parade of attendant moons was cleared away to create a safer work environment. I found the sight depressing, so I buried myself in my work.”