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1/25/06: Thinking too much

Word count: 2567 | Since last entry: 48

Met with our financial adviser tonight, and Kate’s mildly under the weather. Not much actual writing, but did add another few hundred words of notes. I’m questioning the initial premise, alas, or at least some key aspects of it.

What kinds of unauthorized cloning would be a crime? Why would Chaz object to being vived with this set of memories, given that he had consented to having the record made, knowing that it might have to be used? Wouldn’t he be glad just to be alive? And wouldn’t the other team members want him alive, if the alternative is simply to pitch his warm and breathing body, fully capable of consciousness even if its memories are a bit out of date, out the airlock? Surely they need all hands, even half-trained ones. But what if there’s some other reason they all voted not to vive him?

So I might re-do some aspects of the first scene.

Apart from those notes, what I have is mostly infodumpy scene setting and character descriptions. Haven’t gotten at all into the meaty relationship issues that were my original reason for wanting to write this story. Yet. But now, it’s time for bed.