1/18/06: They called me “sir”

No writing per se today. But I did put the story that was rejected by Cricket back in the mail, prepared the Carpet story for submission (but didn’t send it, I want to take one more look at it before I seal the envelope), and got all the manuscripts for the Potlatch writers’ workshop copied and mailed — that last was a pretty serious chunk of paperwork. I also got money from the money machine, groceries from the automatic cash register, and postage from the automatic postal scale and postage dispenser… didn’t interact with a single human being all evening. Going over those manuscripts was kind of a weird experience, each one with its earnest cover letter: “Dear Mr. Levine, please find enclosed my application for the Potlatch writers’ workshop…” Jeez. I’m just a fan who got lucky, you know? By the way, we could still use one more pro for the workshop. If you are a pro writer or editor (and I have an exceedingly loose definition of “pro”), and if you’re coming to Potlatch, and if you’d be willing to crit 5 manuscripts (the workshop is 4-7pm on Friday), drop me a note.

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