2/6/06: Back on the air

Word count: 4511 | Since last entry: 630

After spending half of Sunday in Tech Support Hell trying to get the third wireless card to work (this time, surprisingly, talking with technicians in the States — they mentioned that phone wait times were long because so few people were on staff due to the Super Bowl) I finally got the network up and running by moving the card to another slot. Yay! Unfortunately, with the card in this slot I couldn’t replace the computer’s cover. After much debate about the relative merits of trying to get the card working in the one slot where it would physically fit, vs. Leaving Well Enough Alone And Getting On With My Life Already, I decided to just cut a piece of cardboard to keep the dust out. It’s unsightly, but it’s in the attic, so who cares.

And so, this morning after I got out of the shower, I turned on the music. Then, over breakfast, another one of my favorite songs came on, and I sighed… it was nice to have Radio David and Kate on the air again. No commercials, no talk, nothing too hard or too soft, and a large enough playlist to provide some surprises. Happy David.

My 100 words per day goal might be a little too conservative. It’s been a little too easy to write just the 100 words and then stop, when I know that if I exerted myself even a little bit I could get 500 words or more. So I did exert myself today and I did do nearly 500 words. Mind you, they’re pretty flabby words.. not a lot happening in this scene yet. I seem to be slipping into a novelistic level of detail here. I don’t think this is a novel, but it certainly is trying to stretch into something much bigger than a short story. Oh well, you can’t fix a blank page. I’ll just keep going and see what it turns into. If necessary, I can go back and cut brutally later.

The weekend’s mail brought a brief personal reject from Stan Schmidt, saying that he enjoyed “Titanium Mike,” but “I’m afraid it didn’t seem to me to have enough actual science fiction in it to be a good fit for Analog.” Sigh. It’s off to F&SF.

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