6/6/06: On the train

Word count: 1618 | Since last entry: 834

Took the train to work today, always a good way to get some writing done. And unlike last week, this time I didn’t leave my work badge on the train and have to pay $20 for a new one.

I’m pleased with the character and setting development so far, and I’ve just introduced the main character’s internal conflict, but the actual plot is still somewhere over the horizon. My current hope is that the situation and characters are engaging and unique enough to carry the reader along until the fantastic element appears — certainly I was engaged in the original diary (the true story around which I’m weaving my fiction) even when I knew no fantastic element was forthcoming. If it doesn’t work I can always start with the first fantastic incident and put what I have now in as an expository flashback.

However, if the story continues on its current trajectory it’ll be in the 8-10,000 word range, which is too long for many markets. I may have to go back and trim quite a bit after I’ve finished the first draft. (Yes, I’m obsessing over word count again. As if this is a surprise?)

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