1/23/07: Bwa ha ha

Word count: 15770 | Since last entry: 1425

A productive evening’s writing at the coffee shop with Jay, Karen, and Mary. I’ve been a bit behind on my productivity lately but I hope to catch up this weekend.

A snippet:

The illness had reminded her of her mortality. She had no idea how long her kind might live, and with no educated medical assistance available her own death would surely come sooner than average. The thought of dying in slavery, leaving Reesa with no one to protect her in her old age, was too much for her to contemplate.

Now the disease had returned. And on this ship there was no one who could help her, not even the hated physician.

Work has been kind of crazy lately; we’re just gearing up for another development iteration and everything’s shifting around. There’s too much to do. So what else is new?

And I bought a coffee maker. A wonderful automated device that lets you put in coffee beans (lovely fresh-roasted Sumatra beans from Stumptown) and water and, in the morning, grinds the beans and makes the coffee all by itself. My robot army grows apace! Soon I will conquer the wooooorld!!!

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