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1/11/08: It’s official

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The Preliminary Nebula Ballot has now been officially released, and “Titanium Mike” is on it! The story is now available for everyone to read at the F&SF website.

Also, we’ve (semi)finalized our travel plans for the year. It was really hard, because although we’re no longer limited by vacation days there’s still the danger of burnout, so there are many events that we could attend that we have reluctantly decided not to. Here’s where we’re pretty sure we will be:

January: Christmas in Kennewick (as many of Kate’s relatives are too busy on Christmas to do Christmas at Christmas).

February: ACDC square dance fly-in in Washington, DC, with a few days touristing beforehand, and RadCon SF convention in Pasco (at which I am Short Story Guest of Honor).

March: Potlatch SF convention in Seattle, followed by Rain Festival square dance fly-in in Seattle the following weekend, with four days in Victoria BC in between.

April: Novel workshop with Dean Wesley Smith, and Rob & Ximena’s wedding in Eugene, and probably Peel-Off square dance fly-in in Palm Springs, and probably the Nebula Awards weekend in Austin.

May: Wiscon SF convention in Madison.

June: TBA.

July: Touch a Quarter Century, the gay square dance Worldcon, in Cleveland, and Readercon SF convention in Boston.

August: Denvention, the science fiction Worldcon, in Denver, and Farthing Party in Montreal.

September: Push Open the Golden Gate square dance fly-in in San Francisco.

October: World Fantasy Convention in Calgary.

November: OryCon SF convention in Portland, and Weave the Rain square dance fly-in in Vancouver BC.

December: Christmas in Germany, details TBD.

There are, believe it or not, a few additional events that we are still waiting to find out more information before we commit. Also we will be remodeling the bathroom. Whee!