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1/21/08: Many and varied

Word count: 108728 | Since last entry: 1204

I had a half-dozen things to do on my list for today. I did almost none of them, but did many other useful things instead. Got a haircut, went to the gym, did dishes, bought a new wallet, bought an outdoor thermometer and hung it up on the porch so we don’t have to stick our noses out the door to find out how FREAKING COLD it is out there. Also nailed down our travel plans for the first week of March.

As we have a science fiction convention and a square dance, both in Seattle, on the first two weekends of March, we thought we might be able to go to Victoria BC for the week in between. Well, for a while there it looked like it wouldn’t be possible, as the ferries don’t run very frequently during the winter. But there is also a seaplane option…

Seaplane? And it’s only… how much?

So we’re going to take a seaplane from Lake Union to Victoria’s Inner Harbor. And then (as if that weren’t cool enough) we’re going to stay at the Empress. See Kate’s blog for details.

The writing has slowed down a little bit. For the last couple of days I have not quite made the thousand words a day I estimated I needed to finish by my deadline, and I did just 568 words today. But I stopped today because I just hit the end of the next-to-last chapter and I haven’t the energy to start right in on the next one (especially since it’s a PoV shift).

Yes, I have only! one! chapter! to! go!

And I have ten days to write it, so I should be okay.

Just goes to show what happens when you put your nose to the grindstone. This is two or three times my average daily pace from previous years.

For my next trick, I will figure out how to maintain this pace and still get eight hours of sleep a night.