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1/22/08: Cheese pancakes for dinner

Word count: 110007 | Since last entry: 1279

Neglected to mention in yesterday’s blog entry that I also got our hotel for the Worldcon yesterday. Unlike many people, I got a room through the hotel’s web page (we picked the Courtyard because it looks like it has a bit of character and is equidistant between the convention center and the party hotel) and didn’t have a lick of trouble doing so — we even got a rate that was lower than what the convention web page quoted. I did pounce as soon as reservations opened.

Today we watched half of the last Lord of the Rings movie, decluttered one shelf and one drawer (mostly videotapes — we have 17 pounds of videotapes to go to GreenDisk now), and I shifted to the new wallet I just bought. This is my first new wallet in at least 15 years; it’s noticeably smaller than the old one and has Velcro of Titanic strength by comparison. This is going to take some getting used to.

The 1279 words of writing above includes about 250 words of chapter-level outline. This is a tricky chapter and I felt I needed to outline it a bit before beginning. Those words of outline will gradually be replaced by actual text as the chapter grows towards its end — and the end of the book. The end is in sight!

About 2/3rds of that was written at the coffee shop with Jay, Ken, Karen, Grant, and Theresa. A good day’s work and I’m getting to bed before 11pm, woo hoo!