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11/2/03: Wait, I changed my mind

Word count: 38652 About 750 words written before and after tonight’s Simon & Garfunkel concert (which was way cool). Technically, it’s Monday already (Mon Nov 3 00:36:00 PST 2003), but I figure I probably wrote at least 500 of those words before midnight, so I get a gold star for the day. I decided that one of the two scenes I’d left out at the end of chapter 4 really, really couldn’t wait until the next chapter in this thread. It’s a big whammy. Putting it at the beginning of the next chapter would unbalance the whole chapter (I think that chapters, like short stories, have to start slow and end big, especially since in this book each chapter ending has to hold the reader’s attention through the intervening chapter of the other plot thread), and putting it at the end of the next chapter… well, that would be too late for this particular revelation. So I went ahead and wrote that scene, and I’m going to mail it to my critique group as an appendix to the chapter I just handed out.