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11/6/03: Talk talk

Word count: 40719 | Since last entry: 676 | This month: 4797 I’ve automated my “words since last entry” and “words for the month” counters (above). Tonight’s writing was a hunk of conversation between Jason and Chopper in which Jason outlines the software problem he’s fighting, using a handful of bullets as a visual aid. Chopper is just about to (unwittingly) give him the insight he needs, but I’ve decided to stop for the evening before hitting a reasonable stopping place, to make it easier to pick up tomorrow. I may also twist the scene around a little, because I want the two of them to talk about Clarity as well as the software problem, and knowing Jason he’ll want to charge off and start coding as soon as he has his insight. But if they talk about Clarity first he’ll be too upset to code. Maybe Chopper brings up the code problem to try to calm Jason down after he gets all upset talking about Clarity? Hmm, that might work.