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11/17/03: Broken streak

Word count: 44540 | Since last entry: 346 | This month: 8618 OryCon was fun, but the weekend went voom! About a dozen people came to my reading, most of my panels were well attended, Opening Ceremonies went well, and Whose Line was a riot. But I only hit about three parties (including the Baen party, where Sara and Jim and I sat in the back room talking — mostly about my novel — for hours) and attended maybe a half-dozen panels other than mine. I’m not quite sure where all the time went. Certainly not sleeping. Alas, I’ve broken my streak of writing every day this month. I wrote a couple hundred words on Friday before the con, and a couple hundred tonight, but nothing on Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday after the Baen party I did write nearly 500 words of notes on a new direction for Jason, to make him a more active character (but that isn’t reflected in the word count above). It involves scrapping the current Prologue and writing a new chapter in its stead, in which Jason takes some kind of direct, physically dangerous action. Many of the events of chapter A (to be renamed chapter B, and so on) would still take place, but the power dynamic between Jason and Sienna shifts radically, and the changes would echo down through the novel with decreasing force. For example: If Jason steals the biocomputer in the new chapter A, he’s not still going to be alive and free in chapter B unless he knows about the government’s omnipresent audio monitors before that. So Sienna can’t tell him about their existence in chapter B, and the whole “Jason researches the audio monitors” scene — with its cool technology — goes out the window. Ponder ponder ponder. I’m not going to change it now, though. Must finish first draft first. I have just one more (short!) scene to write in chapter D, then I have critiques to do and a short story to start. It may be mostly short stories for the next couple of months, actually, though I hope to keep plugging away at the novel as well. (Ha.)