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11/4/03: A Sterling silver star

Word count: 39675 A total increase of 410 words tonight, including some tightening of last night’s output to the tune of 100 or so anti-words. So I only get a silver star for the day. But tomorrow I should top 40,000 words, which is a significant milestone. I’ve been reading Zeitgeist by Bruce Sterling, which may explain why the last couple of days’ output has shown Jason in a bleary, grungy, gritty, sleep-deprived haze of computer code. The fact that I have been dividing my time at work between two projects, 70% on one and 70% on another (and yes, that does add up to more than 100%), and I got maybe ten hours’ sleep total this weekend, might have something to do with it too. But what the hey, it addresses (or tries to) some of the critiques I got this weekend. Work with what you’ve got, that’s my motto. In other news, the new battery arrived and my phone is now back up and running. Huzzah!