5/3/04: Locked in a box

Word count: 68810 | Since last entry: 581 | This month: 2188 Jason’s still locked in an airtight box, which is being smuggled into the UN for the big climactic thingie. He can’t see anything, can’t hear much, and is relying on only motion cues and a few muffled sounds to determine whether or not the lid is about to fly open, leaving him staring into the rifles of a whole platoon of UN guards. In between moments of sheer terror he gets to wonder how the hell he got himself into this situation. Hey, it could be worse. I let him remember to go to the bathroom beforehand. Although it lacks any actual action or dialogue, I think this is one of the scenes of greatest tension in the book so far. I might have to trim it a bit — the chapter is already over 3000 words long and they aren’t really inside the UN yet — but I’m happy with the way it’s going. By the way, I don’t buy into the whole Hero’s Journey thing — too easy to get formulaic — but I am alluding here to the myth of the hero who dies and is reborn. In this case Jason is, figuratively, shut into a coffin and buried alive. And by the time this chapter is over, his world is going to be turned completely upside-down. I feel deliciously evil.

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