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9/30/04: Milestones in the rearview

Word count: 102461 | Since last entry: 2639 | This month: 11411 Item: Took the train to work today, so as to use time normally wasted in commuting on writing. It paid off handsomely, as you can see by the word count above. Item: Passed 100,000 words, somewhere on the bus to work. Yay! Item: Finished chapter H, with a day to spare. Yay! It’s 8785 words, and probably could use a little trim off the sides, but it’s not going to get it right now. It’s a funny thing, how you can write a scene where a character is just sitting around and you give him a little bit of business just so he has something to do. And then, a few scenes or chapters later, you discover that little bit of business turns out to have been exactly the set-up he needed for the big revelation that happens now. Either that, or the big revelation happens the way it happens because you had that little bit of business before. It’s hard to tell which way the serendipity really runs, but it happened about three times today. The third one is a lulu, and ties together the two plot threads in a way I hadn’t even thought about until about one paragraph before it came off my fingers. Now everyone is implicated in everything and there’s plenty of guilt to go around. It’s almost like Memento, where (spoiler ho!) Guy Pearce winds up pulling the wool over his own eyes. Must sleep now. Many meetings tomorrow. Things are really heating up at work — I’m a key player on at least three major projects in the next quarter. The good news is that I will get one or two additional people to help me; in exchange I’m supposed to mentor them. I’m feeling suspiciously responsible.