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10/20/04: This is what democracy looks like

Word count: 107581 | Since last entry: 305 | This month: 5120 Went to a voting party tonight. Here in Oregon we vote by mail (everyone, every election) — ballots went out last week and are due by November 2. So some friends convened a potluck to get together, talk about some of the more confusing ballot measures, and fill out our ballots. It was way keen — Kate pointed out that now she’s certain she hasn’t voted for any person or measure who looks good on the surface but has a nasty surprise buried inside. On the way back from the party we dropped off our ballots at the county elections office. Wrote a little bit after coming home from the party — I’m tired, tired, tired, after several very busy days at work (with no end in sight this week) but I need to keep plugging away if I’m going to make my next deadline (this Saturday). I wrote the beginning of the last scene in the chapter, in which protestors begin to gather around the Platforms. Lots of tell here, rather than show, but it would be insane for Clarity to be in the middle of this situation. I’ll strive for it to be as visceral as possible as things wind up to a fever pitch, though.