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10/21/04: Defeat! Woe! Misery! I’m happy!

Word count: 109368 | Since last entry: 1787 | This month: 6907 And in one great burst of writing I finish the chapter, with a long scene in which all Clarity’s plans collapse in flames. Things couldn’t be worse for Clarity now, which is perfect because there’s just two chapters left to go: one Jason chapter and one which is currently planned to be a Clarity chapter. I’m thinking of either breaking that one in three (Clarity, Jason, Clarity) or doing alternating viewpoints within the chapter — something I’ve never done before, but the last chapter is a special place and might not have to follow all the rules. In either case I have about six weeks for all that plus the epilogue. Fortunately it’s all outlined. Also, the kitchen is really coming together now, with countertops and tile and crown molding and it is just looking completely nifty!! See kateyule‘s LiveJournal for photos. I’m pleased. Very, very tired, but pleased.