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10/24/04: Under way again

Word count: 109855 | Since last entry: 487 | This month: 7394 I promised myself I would really, truly start on the next chapter right away instead of waiting a week or more. I promised myself it didn’t have to be good, and it didn’t have to be much, I just had to start. I’ve started. It’s not good, and it’s not much, but I started. Jason and Sienna are on the train headed back to New York. The outline for this chapter seems kind of thin, and I’m wondering if there’s really whole chapter in it. But I seem to recall I felt the same about the previous chapter at this stage, so I’m prepared to see what comes of it. Got my critiques on the previous chapter yesterday. There were a few suggestions about raising tension (the consensus is that the computer hacking scenes went on just a bit long) but really people don’t seem to have much to say about the big issues — everyone’s just hanging on for the ride at this point. I hope they like the destination when we arrive there.