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12/1/04: Finale

Word count: 123260 | Since last entry: 1083 | This month: 1083 It’s all over now but the shouting. Dozens of bodies on the floor, including several main characters. Blood everywhere. Just a short anticlimax left to write, explaining how the few survivors make it home, and the last chapter’s done. The last chapter. Done. And I just killed off… someone I’ve spent the last two years with. Jeez. It was a good death, I think. Deserved, but not unredeemed. I’ve been planning this moment for so long… I’ve had this scene in mind for months, maybe in some form all the way back to the beginning. (Yep — I just checked, and this character’s death was in the “Sketch a Novel in an Hour” outline I did at OryCon in 2002, though I didn’t know then exactly how it would happen.) So it’s not unexpected, and I’m not particularly upset about it. I think? At the moment it’s nearly midnight and I do have to sleep. Maybe I’ll cry later. Maybe not. Good night, sweet prince.