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12/2/04: All done

Word count: 124742 | Since last entry: 1482 | This month: 2565 Okay, now it really is all over, including the shouting. I thought I’d finished the penultimate scene in the last chapter yesterday, but when I woke up this morning (at 5am, after going to sleep at midnight, oy) I realized the villain had been defeated too easily. So tonight I extended that scene with about five hundred words of serious physical action. Then I wrote the anticlimax, as planned, and dove right in and wrote the epilogue too: 775 words. I thought it would be brief, but I wonder if it’s too brief. And the very last sentence seems kind of weak. But… it’s done. The first draft is all done. One hundred twenty-four thousand seven hundred and forty-two words (plus about 87,000 words of notes, outlines, and journal entries) in just under two years. I still have some summary and synopsis stuff remaining to do, but… I wrote a novel. I WROTE A NOVEL! Falling over now. Thud.