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12/7/04: Shuttling between to-do lists

Word count: 124868 | Since last entry: 126 | This month: 2691 I made a few edits to the last chapter and epilogue before printing them out and giving them to my crit group. Also got my crits on the previous chapter, chapter I (that’s letter “eye,” not Roman numeral one); generally positive. That was Friday and Saturday. Now it’s Tuesday. I seem to have spent the intervening time commuting back and forth between my to-do list at work and my to-do list at home (a mix of novel-related, kitchen-related, and general life stuff like groceries and laundry). Tonight I folded large quantities of laundry and did the thing of going through the last couple of sets of critiques and recycling all the pages with no marks on them. Not exciting, but necessary. During these tasks I also watched a couple of truly Godawful reality shows. Another reminder, if one were needed, why I so rarely watch television. Next step is to go through all the critiques and my various notes to myself from the last year and make a to-do list of changes to make during the editing pass. I’ll have to prioritize it, because there’s not enough time to do everything I want to do. Yes, one of the items on my to-do list is to make a to-do list. Truly I am lame. Oh, as long as I’m here I thought I would share with you something that came to me in the shower this morning:

Blade runner, that replicant’s after you
Blade runner, if he catches you you’re through

That Roy Baty is really a crazy clown
When will he learn that he never can mow him down?
Poor little blade runner never bothers anyone
Just huntin’ down a skin-job’s his idea of havin’ fun