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12/8/04: Oof

Word count: 124926 | Since last entry: 58 | This month: 2749 I had a number of things to do this evening. The main one was to write a list of things to do, and watch out for, during my quick revision pass. (It has to be in the mail by next Wednesday, aiee.) I started with my file of miscellaneous notes (which I haven’t added to in months) and the notes I have written at the top of some chapter files. While I was looking at those chapter notes I decided to go ahead and put all the chapters in one file. It took me, fundamentally, all evening to do that — put all the chapters in one file, in the right order, with consistent formatting and spacing. The file is 893 KB. It’s 317 pages long — with 1″ margins in 10-point Times New Roman. It’d be 532 pages in industry-standard 12-point Courier, which is what I’m going to have to do for submission, but since this printout is just for me I’d rather save paper with the smaller font. Oof. No wonder it took two years. Next steps: Look at the notes from all my chapter critiques and finish the to-do list. Print the giant document out. Start revising. I think my little WinCE device may not be up to the task.