4/10/05: Back to work

Editing hours: 40.7 | Since last entry: 5.8 | Percent complete: 68% Finally back to editing again, though the first couple of hours (Saturday) were mostly spent reading, to put the book back into my head. Most of today was spent on Clarity, especially chapter 7, amping up the emotion in the early discussion between Clarity and Doctor Patience (formerly Perceptivity) by putting more of the conversation on the page. As long as I was at it I dropped in some more information, because some critiquers didn’t understand exactly how the plague spreads. The conversation’s a little data-heavy now, but at this point in the book I think that’s needed. I also worked to fix the continuity problems mentioned last time, which wasn’t all that hard. The revised scene in which Clarity reacts to the news that Jason was responsible for the epixenic works well in its new location. Next time (whenever that is… soon, I hope) I’ll focus on Jason and Sienna, on the run after Remembrance Day. This section needs quite a bit of work — I have to make their life massively harder. In non-writing news, we saw a benefit performance of Hell’s Angels (1930, directed by Howard Hughes) with local author Mark Bourne and the lovely Elizabeth. They sure don’t make ’em like that any more. The pacing was slow, and the acting was sometimes amateurish, but it was still a lot of fun, especially having seen The Aviator. The aerial battles and explosions were phenomenal. Surprises included a couple of scenes in color, and a gripping zeppelin chase. I wish I’d told Jay Lake about it. And one more thing… my Unitarian Jihad name is Brother Landmine of Compromise.

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