Latest News 

Here’s Lois Tilton at Locus Online‘s review of my story “The Wreck of the Mars Adventure” in anthology Old Mars: “This is indeed high adventure, a cracking good sailing yarn with skiffy values. I love the imaginative audacity of the premise. The author’s version of Mars is also remarkable. Highly entertaining. RECOMMENDED.”

SF Signal has posted the first review of the BVC edition of Second Chance, and it’s a doozy! Also, Daily Science Fiction is having a Kickstarter to fund payments to authors for the next six months, and if you pledge $100 or more you can get a short story critique from me. Finally, my story “One Night in O’Shaughnessy’s Bar” will be reprinted in an anthology titled Mad Science Café, coming soon from Book View Café.

My video of “Dr. Talon’s Letter to the Editor” is a finalist for the Parsec Award in the category Best Speculative Fiction Video Story! Also, I sold short-short story “Artist’s Retrospective” to Daily Science Fiction, the Space Magic audiobook got a great review at the Fantasy Literature blog, “I Hold My Father’s Paws” was recommended by the blog Ten to Infinity, and I will have a silly Green Lantern poem in Flying Higher: An Anthology of Superhero Poetry.