11/20/03: Deconstructing Jupiter

Word count: 45058 | Since last entry: 1037 | This month: 10173 Couldn’t decide between staying home and writing tonight and going to a square dance. Kate finally suggested that she could drive and I could write in the car to and from. It worked great! I also wrote a little bit in the breaks between tips, and a little more after we got home, for a total of over a thousand words. Woo hoo! Note that the “word count” above has not gone up (that’s the novel word count), though the “since last entry” and “this month” counts have. The difference is what I’ve written so far on a short story for an anthology called Cosmic Tales of the Far Future, which is invitation-only and probably already full, but it’s a great market and even if I don’t sell this story to this market it’ll get my work in front of the editor and I’ll have another story in inventory. Working title is “Deconstructing Jupiter.” The whole story so far is told in the same breathless voice as the last paragraph. I’m trying to portray this particular hunk of the far future as a time just as exciting as the Wild West or the early days of the Internet. I may wind up cutting a lot of the words I wrote tonight, but I’m getting a real feel for the time. At this rate (which I doubt I can keep up, but maybe…) I’ll be done with this story in less than a week and I can get it and another chapter done in time for the crit group meeting after next. We’ll see. For now, life is exciting! Voom!

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