10/14/04: Fits and starts

Word count: 104230 | Since last entry: 350 | This month: 1769 Some progress tonight, not as much as I’d hoped. Too many other things to do… many of which didn’t really need doing, but I did them anyway. I spent quite a bit of my writing time going back and adding details to what I’d written already, and continuing to work out the outline for the last few chapters. Questions I’ve had for almost two years about exactly how the story ends are falling into place, and Clarity’s going to really kick ass and take names. Meanwhile, the universe being what it is, my whine in the last entry knocked loose a response… a rejection, 346 days on a short-short. At least it was an encouraging rejection. This was the first story I wrote at Clarion, over four years ago, and it’s already been just about everywhere that I thought might want it (which is why it was at a market known to have response times up to a year). Into the trunk it goes. But I still hold out some hope for some of the other stories still out there. Some good news, though: I’ve now seen the cover for All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, and it’s fan-freaking-tastic. The book will launch at World Fantasy Con, Halloween weekend, so I’ve put up a page about my story (including the cover) here.

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