11/30/04: In orbit

Word count: 122177 | Since last entry: 1210 | This month: 9995 Back from a long weekend in Seattle and Vancouver, where we visited with relatives, had at least three Thanksgiving dinners that couldn’t be beat, and did much square dancing. Weather was great and I only gained two pounds for the weekend. Thanks to Will and Grant for their hospitality, and to Jeremy for taking me out for a late lunch on Sunday. I generally managed to write a couple hundred words a day, which is really unusual for me when traveling and brings my total for the month to a very respectable figure of almost ten thousand words. I got Jason and Sienna safely into orbit, where Green Hills soldiers menace them with maser pistols as they prepare to take them to Raptor. Only one scene to go, I think, in this final chapter — probably about a thousand words — and then I just have a brief epilog to write, plus the usual summary of the previous chapter, before Saturday’s critique group meeting. I might not get the epilog written in time, but I’m going to try. Preparations have begun for the novel workshop in January. I need to send out the complete novel to two people, plus chapters and outline to five, by December 15. I won’t have time to do much more than a very cursory editing pass, unfortunately. Then I’ll have two complete novels and five chapters-and-outlines to critique by January 15. Plus all that holiday stuff. Whee. But the workshop itself should be a lot of fun. One other bit of good news: I sold another story to Realms of Fantasy. It’s “The Ecology of Faerie,” AKA “the one with the frogs,” which I originally wrote for The Faerie Reel and then nearly sold to the Usborne YA Fantasy anthology. This is my first YA story sale, a sweet and gentle tale of magic and batrachians which nonetheless is a bit of a horror story as well. It’s also the first time I’ve sold a second story to the same market.

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